Garden Update May 13, 2014

Lots of things are happening.  Lots of things need to happen.  There is no way I’m going to get to all of it today, or tomorrow… maybe by this weekend.

Here is a quick tour of what’s growing on in the garden.  I couldn’t get a picture because the wind has been blowing a lot, but there are some granny smith apples forming.  Who would have thunk it.

Peppers of all varieties are coming in great.  I have noticed that my peppers in pots look SO much better than the ones in the beds.  I’ve got a couple of theories on this but I think it comes back to soil (doesn’t it always).  The beds are new, and I’m beginning to think that I didn’t add enough amendments to the soil, which happens to be fairly sandy.  The potting soil I mixed on the other hand seems to be STELLAR.  I’m working on adding a mix of blood meal, bone meal, and green sand to the beds to perk up some of the peppers and green beans.  Beans in the main garden area are looking perfect, but that soil is some rich and awesome stuff.  In any case, we still have some peppers growing, and that’s a good thing.


These pretty bells are on a plant in the new beds.  The color on the plant is lighter green, leaves are smaller, and just doesn’t “look robust”.


These are obviously in the pots.  Leaves are bigger, darker green, plant looks good.


These jalapenos are in pots.  Also looking muy bien!


Anaheims in the beds.  Yah, don’t need to mention the look of the plant.

I just realized I didn’t get a picture of the poblanos, so you just have to trust me that I have some really nice peppers growing.  I can almost taste the chili relleno!


These are some of the delicious tomatoes looking, well, delicious.  Can’t wait to eat these monsters!


All of the smaller tomatoes are starting to ripen.  We’ve downed a few of these already.  Gotta watch your clothes cause these things are JUICY!


This section of green beans in particular is doing great.  The germination rate was good, much better than the asparagus beans next to them.  Still need to fill some holes over there, but these just look so nice.  I love the green versus the alfalfa.  There is a rogue watermelon growing in one of the gaps near the end.  It’s a volunteer, but I think I might leave it, it could work in this scenario.


This is one of the Old Time Tennessee melon vines.  It’s starting to blossom.  Nothing will come of that, but the vine is starting to take off, which is very encouraging.  I might have mentioned it a few other times, but I’m really looking forward to these.


This is one of the sunchokes starting to flower.  Nice!

I hope your garden is doing well.  I’m going to be amending here and there with my compost and previously mentioned mix.  We’ll see how it goes.

God bless!




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6 Responses to Garden Update May 13, 2014

  1. Your garden looks spectacular. Lots of hard work there. 🙂 I’m still working on perennial beds but have a couple of seedlings in the ground.

  2. Nice to see the sunchoke flower. My Jerusalem artichokes are behind yours – but talking about quality of soil, guess what? The one I planted in a grow bag with compost is doing much better than the ones planted in the ground 🙂

  3. This blows my mind this is my very first time growing any chile I am a deep lover of the chile in general!
    Have had toms of problems but I face them daily and have met the challenge I can’t wait til they get like yours so I can say all that late big work? Was worth every second!
    Cindy Loul

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