Bed 4 Spring Turn Over

It was a productive weekend, although the social calendar cut my Bed 4 turn over short and I didn’t get it replanted.  It was all for a good cause and we got to spend some time with some great friends.

The is the “before” picture.


I started by pulling some of the carrots, then decided that I was being selfish having all of the fun myself, so I recruited a couple of my sons to come help.  Carrots came out, washed them, cut off the tops and fed them to the chickens, who by the way, thought last Saturday was Thanksgiving with all of the food that was being thrown their way.


Post carrot harvest:


Then the salad, most of which had bolted, or was in the process of bolting.  A simple taste test showed that they had all passed from sweet to bitter.  The chickens didn’t mind a bit.

Then the EPS broccoli juniors came out.  These were all of the baby cousins to the massive EPS that came out earlier.  The chickens said, “thank you.”

After that a quick clean up of the weeds, amending, and everything was looking pretty good.


I placed the ollas and began digging them in.


When all was said and done it looked very similar to bed 3, which of course was the plan.  I love it when a plan comes together. 🙂


Like I said, I still need to finish planting it out, which is actually the fun part.  Then the rebar, the trellises, fill up the ollas, and bada bing… all done.  That should happen tonight.

I was able to catch a couple of decent snaps of one of the many bees buzzing around my bolted dino kale.  Not bad considering it was all taken with my phone.


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6 Responses to Bed 4 Spring Turn Over

  1. deana says:

    your beds look really good. love your Olla Pots. I sent the info over to my brother who live in Arizona and I am sure he can use this idea as well.

  2. farmerkhaiti says:

    great shots and loveliness all around! I’ve eaten the flowers off over wintered kale but just realized you could also save seed. Have you tried that? It’s my aspiration this year.

    • I’ve saved seeds from tomatoes, peppers, watermelon, cucumber, and peas, but I have never tried lettuces. Since we have a year round growing season I usually pull the bolting lettuces out to make way for the next thing before they have a chance to actually seed. I love the idea of it.

  3. Have you used those pots before? I have heard good things about them- good luck!! Your garden looks great and you have very good yields!

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