Between the increase in watering over the last few weeks and the cooler temps, the pepper plants have been going crazy.  I decided this morning that I really needed to bring the bigger peppers in before they started to ripen up (we prefer the flavor and temp of the green peppers).  So I grabbed a bowl and started harvesting.  I had to stop when the bowl was full, but there were more out there.


Three and a half pounds of pepper goodness!  I’m a little excited.

So excited that I didn’t take any pictures of the 15 sprouts in my soil blocks this morning!

Good times.

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1 Response to Peppers!

  1. p3farm says:

    Yummy! I had “forgot” about my garden in the midst of madness and the few I had left got ruined by frost. I love peppers! I like to freeze them and use them in chili 🙂

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