Bed 2 Pictures

Bed 2 is coming along nicely, with a better germination rate, at this point, than any of the three other beds.  I think that has something to do with what was planted.  Romaine seems to be struggling.  I’m not sure if temperature has something to do with it or not, but we’ll see.

This is Dinosaur Kale coming along nicely.



The onions are awesome.

IMG_1720[1] IMG_1721[1]


The ice berg has had a great germination rate, especially considering it was planted by my six year old.

IMG_1719[1] Ice berg row

Grow little seedlings, grow!


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2 Responses to Bed 2 Pictures

  1. Keith, things are winding down in Nebraska big time. Nothing in the garden left to harvest except green tomatoes. I’m just not a fan of green tomatoes so they will go into the compost. I didn’t get started with garden clean up but I did get the big weed patch in the back yard cleaned up and the sapling trees in the back yard fence line cut down. Does that count? Fall garden clean up is always a sad time for me.

    Anyway it’s great to read about new garden birth and fresh plants in the garden. Have a great fall garden day.

    • Green tomatoes are okay, but I agree the full, ripe tomatoes are MUCH better. I think I must be twisted like that because I REALLY enjoy the garden demo. The only sapling trees I get to rip out are my mesquite weeds, which by the time they reach a foot tall make it seem like you are pulling out a tree… mainly because you are. 🙂 Thanks, Dave!

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