Harvest for July

I’m jumping the gun by a day because… I didn’t get anything out of the garden this morning.  I’m going to estimate the eggs for the day, which won’t effect things too much.  July production in general has fallen off a little.  This is why some AZ gardeners take July and August off.  I can’t bring myself to do that because you can still be growing some good things if you put in a little extra effort.  Here are the totals for July:

eggs – 72  (this was effected by the heat, also from losing one layer at the beginning of the month and two short vacations where we partially compensate our chicken-sitter with eggs :))

yellow squash – 6.5 lbs

zucchini – 12.5 lbs (a good haul but some significant disfigurement)

tomatoes – 3.75 lbs

jalepenos – .25 lbs

bell peppers – 7

cucumbers – 5 lbs

watermelons – 7 melons totaling 71 lbs!  (yeah, this throws the production by weight off a little bit)

It was a good month!  Obviously the watermelons helped out a lot and continue to produce.  I have at least 4 more on the vine right now.  Peppers are also continuing to do good and the sweet potato vines have come into their own and are growing like crazy.  I can’t wait to see if we actually get some sweet potatoes.  Temps have backed off a little, but it will be back up to 108 today.  Cooler the rest of the week though with some possible monsoons.  A little muggy (humidity over 80% at times), but a lot better than the 110+ we had for DAYS at the beginning of the month.

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11 Responses to Harvest for July

  1. A good harvest in trying weather conditions.
    I tend to almost shut down my allotment in the middle of our summers which are so hot and humid here in Brisbane and we tend to get mould diseases on our veggies.

    • I’ve noticed the bad bug activity increasing, especially as the plants turned south. I think some of the plants just get worn out. It might be different if I pulled some of them and succession planted.

  2. Esther says:

    We have had a few little tomatoes and a cuke or two, some yellow squash, small beets and lots of beet greens, turnips, turnip greens, small but very sweet carrots and swiss chard. We have a couple canteloupes growing and a watermelon or two, more pickling cukes and finally getting some flowers on our beefstake tomatoes-we’ll see if we actually get any. There are tons of yellow flowers on our pickling cukes, but we will see if they actually are cukes. There are still lots of yellow squash coming in the garden. One plant I looked at will probably have 3 perfect for dinner tomorrw or Friday. Really enjoying this!!

    • Sounds great! I think the fact that you all started a little later and have kept the shade cloth up has really helped. Plus all of the extra watering over the last month. It all sounds good. Keep with it, fall and winter can be even better!

  3. Caleb says:

    My best crop has been broccoli, which doesn’t mind New Hampshire’s cool weather. Good year for yellow squash, due to our hot spell. Still waiting on corn, which I planted late. Lots of beets and swiss chard, and pulling our first carrots. Peppers slow, but have had a few. No tomatoes yet. One lone eggplant fruit. Overdose of lettuce.

    Over on my site I’ve been focusing on sea-ice melting on the north pole, and the crazy guys sailing and rowing a midst the icebergs in the Northwest Passage. I got so cold I had to come to your site to warm up!

  4. Jones, you are too funny. I just finished reading your squash bug post. They certainly can bring a person to the brink of insanity, that’s for sure. I don’t worry about the dreaded Vine Borer. After two or three squash and zucchini, I’ve had enough for the year. When my plants start looking wilted and the stem in drying out, I pull the plant and pitch it in garbage. The little buggers can have their way at the land fill.

    This year the potatoes look good. My neighbor has already dug up nearly a five gallon bucket full from just a few plants. The green beans did awesome this year. I harvested 4 to 5 gallons of beans from just 10 plants. Cabbage has been a real success this year. I have never had any success with starting seeds but this year the cabbage, eggplant, and tomatoes have done wonderfully well. The cucumbers, broccoli, watermelon, and pumpkins were a bust this year. It seems that every year is great for some plants and not so great for others. I haven’t decided yet if I will plant a fall garden. I still have about 150 feet of fencing to install which, for me, will take the rest of the year to get accomplished. It’s really a must before I can get some serious gardening accomplished. Those night shade critters seem to think that my garden is their buffet. I did get a few ears of sweet corn before they stripped it clean.

    Have a great day in the Arizona garden.

    • Thanks, Dave! I agree, getting that fence up seems like the priority. It’s funny, I’m getting all ready for the cabbage, lettuce, and broccoli. Of course I don’t have to worry about too many animals eating mine, just the occasional bug, that is… if I keep the chickens’ wings clipped.

  5. Greg Webster says:

    Congratulations on the harvest–especially the watermelons! Interesting about your drop-off in egg production. Ours (in Tennessee) dropped significantly in June-July even though our summer has been cooler than usual.

    • The only thing I can think of is that the increase in humidity has been tough on them. That and the fact that we lost one (I think she was a good producer). This summer has been a brutal one for AZ. Not the worst, but definitely not cooler than usual.

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